Make Your Release Management Process Easy

SyncRelease is a simple and easy-to-use release management tool for your Git and SVN projects, covering all aspects of the release cycle: .

SyncRelease comes from our years of efforts and improvements to make the release management process as painless as possible. It is proven and battle-hardened with our real-world usage.

What we do

We are a software development firm based in New York City, focusing on building innovative web applications and products. Checkout our Products page and Blog for the latest solutions and news from us.
Our Work Highlight
SyncRelease is a release management tool developed for easier and simplified process of build pipeline, running automated test, deploying and team coordination for release calendar.
Web portal project built for our client to connect investors with hedge funds across the world by providing a comprehensive database of hedge fund information.
HackTools is an online website for providing swiss army knife of various useful and nifty development tools for software developers.
We built an automated data feed of job postings for our client’s existing website. This was accomplished by text mining the official job postings from financial companies.
CoviMap is our in-house passion project to provide visual and geographical information about COVID-19 cases in all states and counties across the United States.
Built the first initial launch of StellaService website for our client company which provides consumers with transparent and accurate information about customer services of businesses.