How to easily protect your Contact Form with latest Google ReCaptcha V3


It is very common to receive spam emails from your own website contact form or any other inquiry form that allows website visitors to type in texts and submit them. These days, there are many bad people or to be more precisely bad bots running 24/7 to send spam messages across the web.

So today, we would like to share how you can easily secure your website form using the latest ReCaptcha v3 from Google. What is different now from previous versions is that now the user does not have to tediously click images or checkbox to verify as human.  It all happens without user involvement but with automatic detection from Google to know if it is a real human or a spam bot. Below is the workflow of how it works in its process.

START: User comes
to your contact form page
START: User comes...
A user enters data such as
 comments, email address, etc into
 the contact form and the
submit the form
User enters data such as...
Javascript library from Google ReCaptCha generates a token for later verification of spam bot or actual human
Javascript library from Google Recap...
Submit the form with a newly generated token as a hidden field to your webserver
Submit the form with newly g...


Google API
Google API
Verify the token with Google API and then get a score value of between 0 and 1
Verify the token with Goog...
score >=
score >=...
No, reject
No, reject
Accept and send a notification email
or do business logic
Accept and send noti...
Yes, accept
Yes, accept
Viewer does not support full SVG 1.1

In this example, we will be using PHP as a backend language but you can use any other language to do the same thing.

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Pre-launch SyncRelease available for beta testers


We are now doing a pre-launch of our release management tool SyncRelease and making it available for beta-testers to try it for free. 

Several years ago, when we looked for deployment and build tool to do code release from our version control repositories such as Git and SVN, we could not find any tool that is easy-to-use and getting things done quickly and easily without having a huge learning curve and complexity. Jenkins was one of the popular tools in the industry but we find it very complex to configure and setup. And the UI is also very outdated. Also no fine-grained control of user permissions with who can see or manage which projects. 

Then, we imagined a new tool that will allow us to do the deployment and build process in a very easy and efficient way, without even having to hire a dedicated DevOps to manage CI/CD server which is typically the case with Jenkins to meet your various needs.

That's how it started the birth of a simple, intuitive, and complete release management tool now known as SyncRelease

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Today we launched our new project website called dedicated to the developer community. It provides a collection of nifty useful tools that can help software developers in their day to day jobs with writing codes or maintaining and debugging software and applications. Watch our introduction video of below:



It comes with a variety of useful tools for...

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Official launch of Landzin website


Although we have been in business for building software and web development services for a while, this is now the official launch of Landzin LLC website. Now, prospective customers can easily connect with us for getting free quotes on their needs with web development services or maintenance of their websites. And also this will be a place for rolling out our new software products now and in...

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