SyncRelease is a release management tool built for an easier and simplified process of build pipelines, running automated tests, code deployment, and better team coordination through built-in release notes and a release calendar. We want to take the stress and headache out of releasing software so engineers can just focus on their next release!

Initially, we started SyncRelease as our internal tool for deployment and build process. Now it is battle-hardened and production-ready after years of improvements and real-world usage.

We are now very delighted to offer SyncRelease to the world so that you, too, can turn your release management process into a less painful and more enjoyable experience. Finally releasing the software that your team has been working hard on should be a celebration, not a hassle.

SyncRelease supports entire Release Management Cycle is an online website that provides a Swiss Army knife of various useful and nifty development tools for software developers.

The website offers a collection of useful tools that can help software developers in their day to day jobs of writing code or maintaining and debugging software and applications.

The site is built on a fast and efficient custom framework for providing a server-side rendering. This is also known as an isomorphic JavaScript application which is based on the tech stack of Node Js and the Reactive UI library.